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Raise Money Selling Pecans

You Know the Saying “ Like Selling Hot Cake” , Well selling pecans for fundraising is just like that and even better. If you are looking for the perfect fundraiser, then you have come to the right place. A Taste Of The South has developed a unique fundraising process for any type of organization. Churches, schools, Colleges, Universities, Civic Group, Hospitals, ETC…. Our pecans and pecan candy make it easy for your group to make money. Here are just a few of the reason why: 1> Great Product Line that people want to buy. Pecans and Candies are a great fundraising effort for any organization. We have selected our most popular treats and tins to include in our fundraising brochure. With 22 products, selling from our selection will be simple and trouble free. From the sweetness of our candy to the crunchy pecan halves, it will be easy to sell to most anyone with our wide selection. ( Click here for product line ) 2> Great Value- Big profits . You will be amazed at the profits that can be obtained by selling pecans. Since we used the freshest and highest quality in our pecan candies, and pies, they practically sell themselves! For detail on pricing : - Calls us at 803-731-2843 - By e-mail ataste@bellsouth.net - Or complete our Contact Form. 3> Great easy program that is flexible to your needs . (Click here for details) 4> 100 % satisfaction Guarantee 5> Delicious and nutritious: Not only have our pecans been proven over time with their taste, but their new health attributes are an added bonus. Pecans have zero cholesterol and have the same type of oil in them as olive oil (oleic).
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