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Proposed New Vista Location " Opening Soon"

A Taste Of The South Proposed new flagship emporium: a 10400 square feet of space, 3000 items, a state-of-the-art cooking school, eight departments, and demo stations. To be located in the Historic Columbia Fire Station Building on Park and Senate in the Heart of the Vista.

This will be the ultimate entertainment destination in our City, and compliment the Convention Center, and the USC’S Growth. We would work very close with both the Retail and Hospitality departments of the University to provide hands on experience to the students. And we will also work with the South Carolina Department of Agriculture to promote South Carolina Products.

Our commitment to exceptional products and customer service will take a 15 -year-old specialty retailer/Cataloger into the next level for our deserving customers and our City /State.

A Collection of Small Shops

A Taste Of The South eight profit centers Gourmet Grocery, Wine, Candy, House and Home, Coffee, Prepared Food/ Deli/Cheese/Bakery, Floral and Gift, and the “Vista Gourmet ™ Restaurant ” . Each will be considered an individual business under the ownership of the department manager or an owner operator. The big store will be a collection of smaller separate shops. For example, a Manger will be the proprietor of the coffee department. Once a year, we will agree on a plan, but he/she will be responsible for product selection, pricing, merchandising, customer service and employee training. If the employees call in when they are sick; if there is no one to cover, the manager has to. It’s like having your own business: You get the glory and take the heat.

A Complete Entertaining Package

House and Home will be purposefully positioned in the center so its selection can complement whichever department is opposite. For example, wine customers look out onto stemware.

Departments lining the periphery will include gourmet grocery, with a refined selection of shelf-stable items, including pasta, jam, barbecue sauces, crackers, condiments, oils and vinegars. Some of the top grocery sellers are private label.

The new space will affords several special showcases along the wall, including one highlighting Stonewall Kitchens product line. Local products get a niche in The Best of South Carolina Showcase, featuring nuts, cheese straws, grits, and regional cookies and products.

Candy and confection; will have vast selection encompasses everything from a 49-cent truffle to a $50 box of imported chocolates. Here, private label also boasts a large presence, with gift items from individually wrapped Palm Tree Shaped chocolates, to boxes of brittle, pralines and bon bons appearing under A TASTE OF THE SOUTH labels. A wall display of domestic and imported candy bars, to be billed as The Ultimate Chocolate Bar, leads to a counter featuring pricier, hand-crafted items, plus dispensers of jelly beans and other bulk goodies.

The Vista Gourmet ™ will have a year-round wrap-around dining patio. Though the new restaurant will operate from a kitchen separate from prepared foods, there will be an overlap. If an item is a success at Vista Gourmet , we will try it in the deli, Both will use specialty foods carried in-store as ingredients in their menu items. Prepared foods/deli offers numerous entry’s, soups, sides and salads daily, plus smoked fish, olives and a small charcuterie selection. In addition to a salad bar, there will be a sandwich bar with items like The Cockyadoodledoosey™, a grilled chicken, havarti and honey mustard sandwich. Bakery and a select cheese case, which features domestic and imported selections hovering around $10 per pound, to sit nearby.

The debut of floral will helps us become a destination for a dinner party. Floral and House and Home is a foray into a complete package for entertaining.

The 1,000-square-foot wine section to be almost library-like, with its wooden cases and low-hanging lighting. The department will be portioned off from the main aisle with high shelving units. Displays include Staff Picks and Great Deals, where wines are priced as low as $5 on vendor close-outs. Inside, several alcoves will be built into the back wall, housing specific regions or varieties, which are signed over each entranceway. This department should be able to carry about 1,000 selections and nearly 5000 bottles.

Education and Entertainment CLASS Cooking School, , will be complete with a demo kitchen to be outfitted by Wolf/Subzero, and includes a granite island, overhead mirrors and audio/visual capability. The schedule is anticipated to include up to 250 classes and demonstrations a year with a mix of celebrity and local chefs, events, tastings and some staff-run programs.

Other educational in-store events and demos will be planned for the permanent demo areas encircling the sales floor. There should be something happening nearly every day at A Taste of the South. Even on our quietest day, there will be sampling, with passive demos everywhere and at least one active demo, usually with vendor participation. As a big store in a growing city , we need to be about education and entertainment.

We will never be able to compete with supermarkets or club stores on price. So our focus is on a totally different level of service. A Taste of The South is a total experience and not just about the food you leave with.

Product selection, of course, is important. We are mindful of the areas diverse customer base of academics, business people, students, retirees and tourists. We will try to have something for everyone, from $100 balsamic vinegar to a $15 gift basket.

This ability to appeal to a broad range of consumers, to satisfy people who want a tasteful $1 cup of coffee as well as a $500 bottle of Bordeaux, is essential to the success of this impressive market.

Rendering of the proposed "Gourmet Market & Deli".
Rendering of the proposed "Gourmet Market & Deli".

Rendering of Proposed "Outside Seating Area"
Rendering of Proposed "Outside Seating Area"

Rendering of the  Proposed "Cooking School"
Rendering of the Proposed "Cooking School"

Rendering of the proposed "Wine Cellar".
Rendering of the proposed "Wine Cellar".

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