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Holiday Retailing Opportunities

Feeling entrepreneurial?
A Taste of the South offers special short-term retailing agreements during the holidays. If you believe in our product, just imagine how much money you could make selling it at a busy shopping mall near you.

-Kiosk in Columbiana Centre-
Columbia, South Carolina

For more information about our holiday retail program, call 803-731-2843 and ask to speak to the Mall Development Manager or sign up online.


How much does it cost to open a Taste of the South kiosk?
The estimated initial investment is about $10,000/$15,000 for a state-of-the-art, high-impact Taste Of The South kiosk. This includes our standard opening inventory. In addition, licensees will need about $10,000 in working capital.

Will I have to pay an ongoing percentage of my sales to a Taste of the South?
Absolutely not. Once you purchase your product from a Taste of the South at our wholesale prices, you have fulfilled the obligation of your licensing agreement. Everything you make after your operating expenses is yours to keep or reinvest.

When do I open and close my kiosk?
We require that your kiosk is open and staffed during the winter holiday season during mall hours. This usually ranges from November 1 to January 15. Other than that, retail operations are optional. This way, you're only required to be in operation during the busiest buying time of the year.

Where will my kiosks be located?
Your kiosk must be located in an urban or suburban retail center with a minimum of 500,000 total square feet of retail space, or in Airport Terminals and other special events locations. You are responsible for researching the location, selecting only those you feel confident about.

What does the Taste Of The South kiosk look like?
A color photo of the kiosk is included at the top of this page. Overall, the design is intended to maximize product visibility and appeal in the mall corridor setting where traffic is heaviest. The kiosk's footprint is approximately 120 square feet. Its panels can be configured in a range of layouts, according to space and mall/shopping center requirements. Typically these units are provided by the Mall/Shopping center.

Can I invest in multiple kiosks for multiple mall locations?
As long as you can demonstrate the financial resources and personal commitment necessary to operate multiple locations successfully, more than one kiosk license may be approved.

Do I have to use your kiosks to market your southern taste treats?
Yes, we require a kiosk environment in order to achieve a consistent product image and retail presence.

In order to make your decision as easy as possible, we have developed a number of steps for you to follow to become A Taste of the South kiosk operator. Those steps are as follows:

Step One
Fully review this information package and then formulate a list of questions that you might have about A Taste of the South's kiosk retailing opportunities.

Step Two
Complete the enclosed application and retum it to our corporate headquarters .

Step Three
After you meet our qualifying standards, we will contact you to help you begin researching malls and shopping centers in your area, as well as, invite you to visit our corporate headquarters in Columbia, South Carolina.

Step Four
Working with mall/shopping center developers, you will choose a location and secure a lease for operating your kiosk during the holiday retail reason.

Step Five
Once your location is secured, you will sign the Taste of the South licensing agreement to operate your kiosk(s). You will commit to the lease of the kiosk, product and other items necessary for the business and schedule the dates for your training.

Step Six
You and your staff will be trained at a selected kiosk site or the Columbia headquarters of A Taste of the South.

Step Seven
Following training, you will return to your area and oversee the installation and merchandising of your kiosk.

Step Eight
In November, you will open for business, selling A Taste of the South's popular products to eager customers.

Step Nine
As sales build through the holidays, you will see a significant profit.

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